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We are a UK based online Jewellery store selling the finest body jewellery at extremely competitive prices! We also offer International Shipping for our customers outside of the UK! We have prioritized ourselves around selling truly unique ear stretchers from crazy acrylic designs, all the way through to Organic Wooden Plugs. Ear Stretchers is not the only thing we’re mad for – we also sell Belly Bars, Nipple Bars, Nose Rings, Brow Bars, Tapers, Tongue Bars and plenty more…


Plugs & Tunnels

Black Agate Stone Plug

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At Plugs and Bars, we know that this might be your first time on our site. Maybe you’re browsing, or maybe you’re considering getting your first stretcher, we can cater your needs as we also sell the starter kits! If stretching and/or piercing is just not for you yet, but you just want to grab the feel and the illusion of what stretching your ears or piercing your nose would would really be like, we provide the perfect range of fake tapers, septum rings & fake plugs to get you on your feet.

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