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Belly Bars

At Plugs and Bars we have a wide range of belly bars, but most importantly, careful product consideration has taken place. We understand that the neon kind aren’t for everyone, and that Playboy is out of trend. However Belly Bars become a more popular piece of jewellery when the Summer begins. Temperatures are soaring and people tend to be jetting off all around the world (that’s if you’re one of the lucky ones). We’ve noticed especially that in the last year, it’s not just one piece bathing suits and tight swimming trunks that are in demand.

Our Belly Bars come in a range of sizes, colours and designs. We’ve very recently, just updated this category with some irresistible designs. These of which, are our dangling designs which hang from a single silver diamante, ranging from small to large diamantes. Of course, these might weight a little heavier than the tiny bar bells you might be used to. However these designs, are amazing for vacations to the beach or in the general Summer months. The time of which you’re going to be fleshing that part of the body the most. All of our Diamante Belly Bars capture amazing angles of direct line to shine off them, so you’re sure to grab the most attention out of the pack – and the most compliments.