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Septum Piercings

Here at Plugs and Bars, we have recently added a very popular category lately, which is our Septum Rings. Whilst we could debate that Septum Rings have been a favourite piece of jewellery for several centuries, a certain trend has spiralled the demand. Recently, Rihanna was spotted with a Septum Piercing – and the craze went viral. Our Septum nose jewellery is of the finest quality, as well as our Fake Septum Rings. Each Septum Piercing will be either Rose Gold, Gold or Silver. Whilst we provide some truly beautiful, plain Septum Rings, some do come with a lustful amount of diamantes.

We like to provide Fake Septum Piercings because we believe that most of the time, a taste for something temporary is a great chance to then take the next step. Sometimes, we wake up and we just want to change something about ourselves. Maybe it's your hair colour, you want a tattoo, you've opted for a gym membership - it's the same for a piercing. Whilst piercings do heal up and it's not a permanent thing, you might want to get adjusted to what a real piercing would really feel like. We provide a wide range of fake piercings, including our fake plugs and tapers.